• Mount Vernon, IL’s Experts for Tire Sales & Service

    The skilled and experienced staff at Shroyer Tire takes pride in fast, efficient, and detailed service that helps you get the most out of your tires. Additionally, we offer a variety of tires services that include:

    • Tire Sales
    • Tire Mounting
    • Tire Repair
    • Tire Balancing
    • Tire Rotation
    • Wheel Alignment
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Tire Mounting

    The process of finding and mounting the right tires on your vehicle can be a daunting task. With all the tread patterns, materials, and other options, it’s good to know the people at Shroyer to answer all your questions. We make sure you have the right tires and provide fast and efficient installation to ensure we get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

    Tire Repair

    Whether it’s a pothole in the parking lot or a nail from your last remodel, flat tires happen and can seriously disrupt your day. Luckily, there’s Shroyer Tire to provide the repairs you need to get back on your way. We never require an appointment for repair services; making us the logical choice when you’re stranded and need help. Stop by for the fast repairs you need!

    Tire Balancing

    What you carry in your car affects your tires and Shroyer recommends proper balancing every 4,000 – 6,000 mi. Uneven weight distribution may cause wobbly wheels, uncomfortable vibrations in your seat and steering wheel, and uneven tread wear. We balance your wheels to factory specifications using Road Force Tire Balancing.

    Tire Rotation

    Rotations are part of regular tire maintenance. This helps tires wear evenly, which improves fuel efficiency, allows tires to wear properly, and extends the life of your tires. Make us your choice for all routine tire maintenance.

    Wheel Alignment

    Shroyer Tire also offers wheel alignment services. This sets your tires to factory specifications to ensure wheels and axles are perfectly aligned. This may help even tread wear, as well as improve handling and performance.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

    To truly get the most out of your tires, you need a tire pressure monitoring system. These electronic systems monitor the air pressure in your tires and automatically alert you when something is wrong. Low tire pressure decreases fuel efficiency and has an impact on tread life and tread wear. Let us provide service, repair, and installation of your TPMS.

  • Tire Care Tips

    Tires are expensive, making it important that they last as long as possible. This can only happen if your tires are well cared for throughout their lifespan. At Shroyer, we provide a wide range of tire services that help maintain optimal function throughout the life of the tire. Here are a few tire care tips that can really help you get the most out of your next set!

    • Mindfully avoid potholes, loose asphalt and other hazards.
    • Trust a professional for rotation and balancing based on your vehicle and tire specifications.
    • Do a walk-around before getting in your vehicle, inspecting each tire for leakages and deformities.
    • Listen to the sound of your tires on the road. Thumping, rattling and other abnormalities should be discussed with your tire shop.
    • Avoid rapid acceleration and deceleration to prevent unnecessary tire wear.