• Tire Facts for Your Next Road Trip

    September 17, 2018 | Blog
  • new tire factsHow much to you really know about tires?

    Most people in Mt. Vernon, IL don’t think about tires, until they get a puncture and are stranded by the roadside. Every driver has a love/hate relationship with these black and round vehicle parts. You’ll love them when you’re experiencing a quiet and comfortable ride, but you’ll hate them when they’re flat. Interestingly, there are numerous fun facts about tires that most people don’t know.

    • White is the natural color of the rubber used in tires, not black

    Manufacturers add carbon to the rubber to enhance various properties of the material, which, as a result, strengthens the tire and prolongs its life. The carbon strengthens the rubber to up to 1,000 times and increases the tread wear by 100-fold. In addition, the carbon also facilitates the conduction of heat away from areas that may cause trouble, such as belts and treads. This is a huge benefit, considering heat poses the biggest risk to tires.

    • The largest tire in the world is in the U.S. in Allen Park, Michigan

    The gigantic tire weighs 12 tons and spans a diameter of 80 feet; it was built to withstand force winds caused by hurricanes. During New York’s World Fair in 1964-65, the tire was used as a ferris wheel before being moved to Allen Park. According to urban legend, the tire once broke loose and rolled a few meters; however, there is no evidence to confirm this occurrence.

    recycled tire facts

    • Recycled tires are very useful!

    Tires produce large amounts of waste (more than 250 million are discarded annually), but the innovation that comes from old tires is amazing. Tire shops that recycle worn out tires often melt it to produce asphalt, which prolongs the road’s life by enhancing the road conditions. Before a tire is melted, the tread life is inspected, and at times, it can be retreaded and used again. Other trending ways of recycling old tires include cutting them up and using them as flower beds or turf.

    Tires help us to reach our destinations, so we’re dependent on them. For the best tires from top-notch manufacturers, contact Shroyer Tire in Mt. Vernon, IL.