• tire sales Goodyear unveils new tire technology for 2018

    In January 2017, Goodyear unveiled new tire products at an event attended by more than 2,000 people. Apart from technological advancements incorporated into the tires, a program called Tire Optix was launched — it measures the tread wear and pressure of tires while storing the information in the cloud in real time.

    Drivers in Mt. Vernon, IL will also benefit from the industry’s new products, which include the following:

    Assurance Maxlife

    This is a long lasting tire that can fit a car, minivan, or SUV; it comes with a longer tread life and a warranty of 85,000 miles. The TredLife Technology used in the tire makes it deliver 30% more than the standard tire. You will also know the size of treads left via a gauge feature molded into the tires.

    Eagle Enforcer (All Weather)

    This model is designed for police cars, especially patrol cars that are in constant movement and may require high speed pursuits. The All Weather is responsive year-round, thus guaranteeing optimal performance by reducing the occurrence of flat tires. The tire is optimized for handling and traction because the rubber used is soy-based.

    Fuel Max SSD drive & Fuel Max SST trailer

    These two models are designed for long-haul fleets that carry tons of freight. The tires are wide-based to reduce pressure, thereby lowering fuel consumption. Both these tires have a DuraSeal Technology feature for instantly sealing punctures smaller than ¼ inch which are located in repairable areas of the tire.

    Endurance LHS & WHD

    Endurance LHS tires are for commercial trucks and are specially designed to make long-haul steering effortless. The Endurance WHD is a retread designed for waste-hauler vehicles.

    new tire tech

    The future of tire technology

    Expect even more designs in the future as technology continues to unveil different ways to deliver better products during the manufacturing process. There is more growth opportunity for manufacturers and tire shops with the production of cars steadily increasing every year.

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