• How to Choose the Right New Tires for your Vehicle

    July 16, 2018 | Blog Services tires
  • new tires mt vernon Mt. Vernon IL’s guide to buying new tires

    It’s inevitable. When you own a car, truck, or other wheeled vehicle, you will need to, at some point, purchase new tires. But what should you know before you buy? There are many factors to think about when buying new tires for your car, truck, or other vehicle to avoid tire hazards and make the safest choice.

    Pay attention to the way that you drive.

    The type of vehicle you own, the way that you drive, and the amount that you drive on a daily and weekly basis can all affect which choice of tires are the right ones for your situation. If you only drive minimally, a tire with too much tread life may do more harm than good. Some tire shops will try to sell you tires that are over the top for your needs. Make sure that you do an assessment of your driving needs so that you can choose the selection that is right for you.

    Think about whether you are at risk for flat tires.

    If you drive in areas that often give you flat tires, you may be able to select new tires that provide you with some extra layers of protection. For some drivers, this will not be an issue, but for others, these reinforced tires may save hours or even days of trouble and headaches. Tire repair can be costly and time consuming, so make sure that you mitigate any risks you may have.

    Consider your region’s climate.

    Do you have snow, ice, or other factors that affect drive-ability? If so, you may want to look into tires that accommodate such conditions. This is an important safety concern for drivers who face harsh conditions any time of the year.

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    Purchase tires from the correct vendor.

    With many scams and swindlers out there, it’s imperative that when you decide to purchase tires, you do so from an appropriate vendor. Choosing those that sell busted or stripped tires (tires with too much tread wear) can put you and your family at extreme risk. Make sure that you purchase tires only from an approved vendor who sells new tires reputably.

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