• What are the unique qualities of different specialty tires?

    June 18, 2018 | Blog Services tires
  • specialty tire What’s different about specialty tires?

    We all know that motorcycles, cars, and trucks require different tires depending on the size, speed, and use of the vehicle. But what about specialty vehicles such as semi-trucks and farm equipment?

    Farm tires and semi-truck tires have different tire needs and hazards than typical passenger vehicles. You may be surprised at the factors that vehicle owners need to consider when they’re purchasing tires for their specialty vehicle.

    Semi-truck tires

    One of the most important factors to consider when driving a huge vehicle such as a semi-truck is tire balance. Even the slightest difference in tire balance or tread wear can result in the loss of both tires. Semi-trucks require balance in both their front and back sets of tires, also known as “duals.” Duals must maintain the same circumference and diameter. Because semi-truck tires require tires that can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, your best bet is to purchase sets of new tires from a certified tire shop that can ensure that the tires in each set of your duals match.

    Farm tires

    The modern-day farm requires a variety of wheeled vehicles. Even though some of these vehicles may only see fields and never the asphalt of the road, these expensive and finicky machines may still be at risk of flat tires. Many farmers opt for puncture-resistant tires with extra sturdy nylon structure in the tire body for all their farm vehicles. Since farmers and farm vehicles may reside far away from tire repair shops or larger cities with extensive vehicle repair services, it’s wise to get high-quality tires at the outset to ensure that repairs are few and far between.

    specialty tire semi truck

    What should I know before purchasing specialty tires?

    As is true in many industries, you get what you pay for. If you purchase tires for your semi-truck, farm vehicle, or other specialty vehicle with its unique needs in mind such as tread life, puncture resistance, and material quality, you may be able to prevent productivity and profitability challenges down the road. It’s important that you work with a tire vendor who has your needs in mind.

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