• tire balancing machineWhat is tire balancing and how does it help?

    Tire balancing consists of adjusting the wheel angles so that the wheels and tires can spin without any vibrations. In addition to adjusting the angles, the wheels are checked for any heavy areas. The heavy areas are fixed by adding a lead weight on the other side of the heavy area. There are many benefits associated with proper wheel balancing and some of them are discussed below.

    1. Vibration

    Wheels that are out of balance vibrate at certain high speeds, between 50-70 mph. The tire is out of balance when one part of the wheel is heavier compared to the others. An imbalance by as much as an ounce can cause vibrations at 60 mph. These vibrations can lead to tire hazards that can cause an accident. In order to balance the wheel, the technician will mount the wheel on a balancing machine which helps to locate the heavier part, which is then balanced with a lead weight on the opposite side. After this is done, the car will move smoothly.

    2. Wear and tear of essential vehicle components

    Unbalanced tires cause vibrations that result in stress affecting the axles, lower ball joints and other integral vehicle parts. This makes them wear out at a higher rate, meaning you’ll have to replace them sooner than you expected.

    3. Uneven tire tread wear

    Unbalanced tires lead to uneven tread wear where parts of the tire begin to wear out earlier than others. The imbalance causes more stress to be put on other areas of the tire instead of being distributed evenly across the whole tire. Thus the areas that bear most of the stress wear out faster compared to the others.

    4. Increased rate of tire tread wear

    professional tire balancing

    Unbalanced tires lead to an increase in tire wear. This is because the wheels have to compensate for the stress added due to the imbalance created. The tire normally starts to wear out from the edges unlike balanced tires where the tire begins to wear off from the middle. This will mean that you will have to change the tires more frequently since they do not provide the needed grip.

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