• Help Keep Your Tires Healthy to Last you Longer!

    There’s a lot you can do to extend the life of your tires. When you invest in new tires in Mt. Vernon, IL, take the extra step of avoiding common road hazards that can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your tires. At Shroyer Tire, our goal is to help our customers get the longest use of their tires as possible. Here are the top road hazards for your tires and how to avoid them.


    Tire hazards like potholes occur when the groundwater freezes and thaws beneath the roadway. Chunks of the asphalt become loose, leaving various sized holes in the roadway. Potholes vary greatly in size, it’s impossible to tell how bad they are until you drive over one. By then, it’s too late, and your tire could be irreparably damaged. Whenever possible, avoid driving over potholes. If you can do so safely, position your car so that the chassis passes over the pothole instead of one of your tires. If a road on your commuter route is especially bad with potholes, it’s worth it to find a different route, even if it means adding a few minutes to your drive time.


    Glass on the roadways of Mt. Vernon, IL can cause a variety of tire issues, including slow leaks, blowouts and bulges. The worst thing about glass is that it’s very difficult to see on the road in order to avoid it. Also, you might accidentally drive over a shard of glass and have it become embedded in your car’s tire treads and not experience a flat until several days later. To avoid driving over the glass, pull into the far lane whenever you drive past a vehicle accident. In areas with lots of road debris, chances are glass will be part of it, so you should move to the center lane if possible since debris tends to accumulate curbside.

    Uneven roads

    Uneven roads, found in areas of road construction, cause increased and uneven wear on tire treads. This can even lead to flat tires. Whenever it’s safe to do so, move to a lane where the road is even, or center your car in a way where your tires are not traveling on uneven roadways.