• When should you start looking into new tires?

    The condition of your vehicle’s tires is something that can often go overlooked, but can have an enormous impact on your driving safety. The last thing any driver wants to occur is a tire blowout while driving or a flat tire keeping them from even getting on the road. This is why it is important to know the early warning signs of worn tires and the right time to visit your local tire professionals to discuss replacement. Below are a few items to keep an eye on to ensure the health of your tires.


    The first indication that your tires are past due for retirement are the state of their treads. Deep treads help the tires maintain their grip on the road. Even if your tires are not worn bald, they still might be worn enough to cause concern. The easiest method of checking tread depth is to stick a penny head first into the tread. If Lincoln’s head sinks down into the tread, your tire is still healthy. However, if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your treads are too shallow. In newer tires, there is a tread wear indicator bar that will appear when the treads are worn too low.


    Tire usage will vary from driver to driver, causing wear-down to occur differently for each. However, it is generally recommended that you consider replacement of your tires after five or six years of use. Ten years is generally considered the maximum age limit. Your specific tire’s manufacturer recommendations should be consulted for a more exact age limit.


    These indicators are generally easy to spot. Cracks in the sidewall of your tire or blisters and bulges in the tire’s surface can indicate a weakness that could turn into a full on leak or even blowout. If these are noticed in your tires, consult a tire professional immediately.


    You drive your vehicle more than anyone else – you know how it is supposed to feel. If you notice too much vibration while driving this could point to a problem with your tires. Even if the tire is not causing the vibration outright, they could be affected by it. If you notice your car’s ride quality change, inspect your tires or consult a professional.